AirSep Oxygen concentrators

Portable oxygen concentrator

Eclipse 5®

The Eclipse 5 combines portability with clinical efficiency to treat a wide variety of your patients’ needs, no matter the range of their activity levels – giving them the freedom to travel and enjoy life on the go. Suitable for use 24/7 use, this all-in-one oxygen therapy device can provide continuous flow from 0.5 to 3 LPM (Liters Per Minute) and pulse doses up to a setting of 9.

  • Continuous or pulse dose delivery to meet patients’ needs. With 6 continuous flow settings up to 3 LPM and 9 pulse flow settings up to 192 mL bolus, the Eclipse 5 serves a wide range of patients.
  • Compact and Transportable.
    Only 18.7 lbs, with an easy-to-attach traveling cart with telescoping handle and durable wheels.
  • Easy-to-Read Display.
    Large fonts and LCD display in LPM or mL for more accurate prescription verification.
  • Extended Battery Life.
    Over 5 hours of battery life with ability to recharge while plugged into DC power at pulse setting 2.


Stationary oxygen concentrator

AirSep® VisionAire 5

Simple to use and virtually maintenance-free, the AirSep VisionAire stationary oxygen concentrator is CAIRE’s tried and trusted workhorse in delivering long-term oxygen therapy to our patients. Lightweight, quiet and power efficient, this stationary oxygen concentrator is the must-have for your home oxygen delivery needs.

  • Power-efficient, drawing less than 300 watts at all continuous flow settings minimizing expenses.
  • A large humidifier bottle stand that allows for easy attachment of both re-fillable and pre-filled humidifier bottles.
  • User-interface contains a back-lined flowmeter for viewing accuracy and proper setting.
  • Equipped with a resettable circuit breaker, a dual-function hour meter and well-defined system alarms.
  • Units are available with or without an oxygen monitor to alarm for concentrations below 82% oxygen.