AirSep Oxygen generators

Airsep Oxygen Generators

AirSep Corporation, which includes the SeQual industrial product line, has been delivering innovative, non-cryogenic oxygen supply solutions as an alternative to cylinder or liquid supplies for over 30 years and recently introduced a range of nitrogen generators into our portfolio. An AirSep solution delivers an unlimited supply of oxygen or nitrogen on-location eliminating the need for regular liquid deliveries or cumbersome cylinders. All our units are built with the highest quality standards, are simple to maintain, cost effective and have proved their reliability in a myriad of services across the globe.

From the smallest standard unit delivering 8 cubic feet per hour, through to custom plants producing 100 tons of gas per day, AirSep has the solution.

As all our hospitals oxygen generators users have diffrent demands, for all of them we have diffrent solutions:


AirSep Alpha Series and SeQual Oxygen Generators produce from 8 to 5,500 cubic feet of oxygen per hour at up to 95% oxygen concentration.

When electricity and a source of compressed air is supplied, these dependable machines can provide oxygen for practically any application.

AirSep PSA Control Systems
Models AS-D+ through AS-P can be equipped with an optional NEMA 4 touchscreen control panel with an integrated oxygen monitor. Standard equipment on models AS-Q to AS-Z, the touchscreen provides a normal start-up system, monitors/controls the operation of the process valves, monitors signals coming from the pressure transducers, and provides an alarm system, as well as a fail-safe shutdown mode. This control panel also features diagnostic capabilities and Ethernet access for remote monitoring of process parameters. The various screens are easy to follow as the user-friendly interface maintains a consistent template design.


  • Produces oxygen from an independent compressed air source
  • Microprocessor controlled
  • Low operating cost
  • Automatic and unattended operation
  • Very easy to install and maintain
  • Small footprint

For our customers we offer several diffrent Standard O2 Generators models:


AirSep Medical Oxygen Systems offer unsurpassed reliability, control, and continuous on-line oxygen concentration and pressure monitoring to ensure an uninterrupted supply of medical-grade oxygen.

Average, as well as peak oxygen demand periods, are easily supplied.

Containerized units used for military applications are built to ISO 1-C construction standards.  Any AirSep Oxygen Generator can be packaged with other customer-specified or AirSep-recommended components to form complete Medical Oxygen Supply Systems, including automatic switch-over. In the unlikely event that the system deviates from preset limits, the automatic switch-over immediately switches to the secondary oxygen supply. System alarms alert the health care facility of the condition so that corrective service may be performed.

For customers who require portability or desire to supply oxygen to others, the cylinder filling option allows for the filling of as few as 8-100s of cylinders per day at up to 2,200 psig (15,169 kPa or 151.6 barg). If a self-sufficient secondary oxygen supply is needed, cost-efficient oxygen compressors designed to fill cylinders intermittently are available. AirSep also offers weatherproof and duplex systems (two independent systems with manual or automatic switch-over). For special applications, a high concentration module can be added to the system.

AirSep Medical Oxygen Systems are currently in use in more than 50 countries around the world and can be fabricated in accordance with all relevant local codes (e.g., ASME, ANSI, NEMA, CSA, CRN, CE/PED, TSG R0004-2009, HTM2022, ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 7396, and USPXXII Medical Oxygen Standards).


AirSep Oxygen Cylinder Refilling Systems enable customers to fill oxygen cylinders for existing needs or to supply others.

AirSep manufacturers a complete line of turnkey oxygen cylinder refilling plants — with capacities from 8-100s of cylinders per day. Complete plants include a feed air compressor, feed air dryer, oxygen generator, oxygen compressor, and a cylinder filling rack. The oxygen compressor delivers oxygen at up to 2,200 psig (15,169 kPa or 151.6 barg) to a high pressure manifold capable of filling up to 10 cylinders at a time. These cylinder refilling plants operate automatically and generate nominal 93% oxygen. For special applications, an optional high purity module can be added to the plant, to increase oxygen concentration to 99% ±.5%.