Novair SA Oxygen generators

Novair SA Oxygen Generators

NOVAIR is a French manufacturer specialized in medical gas systems for all types of healthcare facilities. With more than 40 years of expertise, we meet all medical gas needs:

NOVAIR, is a medical gas specialist since 1977 and a world leader in the design and manufacture of PSA medical oxygen generators. Through its complete range OXYPLUS at the forefront of innovation, the Group designs and manufactures in France on site oxygen production solutions exclusively dedicated to supplying the medical gas network of hospitals and clinics, and adapted to healthcare facilities of all sizes.

OXYPLUS oxygen generators offer exclusive guarantees of oxygen purity. In addition, only NOVAIR offers in its range a generator able to produce 99.5% pure oxygen.

Our range of medical oxygen generators:

PREMIUM+ DS-PSA Generator (up to 99.5%)

Oxyplus Technologies introduces Premium Plus, ultimate development in the world of PSA oxygen generators.

PREMIUM PLUS is the ultimate development in the world of medical oxygen generators. Equipped with innovative technology, it combines cutting-edge performance and design to deliver the high concentration medical oxygen of your choice, with an exceptional stability.

Key features:

  • DS-PSA Technology : 96-99.5% oxygen purity
  • Oxygen Concentration Stabilizer OCS
  • Control panel with15″ colour touch-screen
  • Lateral panel for oxygen analyzer calibration


  • Up to 99.5% oxygen purity
  • Ultra stable concentration : +/- 0.2%
  • Adjustable purity on-site by end-user
  • User friendly & easy to maintain

Main technical datas:

  • Maximal peak flow at 99,5% – 2,7 to 42 Nm3/h
  • Outlet pressure – 6 or 10 / 87 or 145 barg/psi
  • Oxygen concentration – Up to 99.5%

PREMIUM Twin Tower PSA Generator (95%)

OXYPLUS Technologies PREMIUM oxygen generators provide outstanding efficiency and reliability. Designed for hospitals with surgical activities and intensive care units, they produce a high and stable medical oxygen quality at 95% +/- 1%.

Key features 

  • High and stable oxygen concentration
  • Fully automatic operation 24h/24
  • Touch screen control panel
  • Remotely manageable 

VisiO2 intelligent control panel

VisiO2 is an advanced control device which automatically manages and monitors the oxygen generator operation. It features an HD colour touch screen to display and control the production parameters. It provides real time curve drawing, alarms management and archiving, remote alarm transfer and automatic permutation for installations with two oxygen generators. With its recording capability, VISIO2 provides healthcare facilities a complete traceability and continuous quality control of the oxygen produced.

Main technical datas:

  • Maximal peak flow – 2,5 to 92 Nm3/h
  • Outlet pressure – 1,5 or 6 / 58 or 87 barg/psi
  • Oxygen concentration – 95%

OXYSWING Twin Tower PSA Generator (95%)

 OXYSWING® is a modular PSA oxygen generator range. Unlike twin-tower standard systems, OXYSWING® generators feature multiple modules of molecular sieve. This optimized patented PSA process provides high flexibility of use and easy adjustment to the required flow.

Unlimited flexibility
Production capacity can be easily adjusted directly on site by simply adding modules without any requirement of skilled personnel.

Dual Bank unit
For large capacities, OXYSWING® generators can be completed with a Dual Bank, wich consist in a second PSA oxygen generator without any PLC and power supply.

7″ HMI for real time purity monitoring and automatic & unattended operation 
It allows the monitoring / remote control of the main process parameters and displays status messages such as gas purity and flow rate, totalized gas flow, total functioning hours and maintenance alerts.

Main technical datas:

  • Maximal peak flow – 2,5 to 45 Nm3/h
  • Outlet pressure – 6 / 87 barg/psi
  • Oxygen concentration – 95%

Add Your HeORLANE PSA Generator (93%)ading Text Here

 ORLANE oxygen generators guarantee at the most competitive cost a medical oxygen production on-site at 93% +/- 3% purity level that is in full accordance with the European and US Pharmacopeia. They particularly meet the needs of healthcare facilities looking for autonomy while facing strong budgetary constraints.

Key features 

  • Oxygen quality compliant with the pharmacopeia
  • Fully automatic operation
  • On-site oxygen production at a competitive cost

Compact and economial architecture
Supplied on a turnkey basis, the ORLANE skid is very compact and allows an easy installation on site. The whole device is preassembled on the skid allowing a quick installation, start-up and commissioning – generally between 48 and 72 hours.

CPU automatic control panel
ORLANE oxygen generators are automatically managed by their CPU control panel: based on a PLC system, it includes a logic controller, a digital screen and an ergonomic control panel. Key information such as oxygen concentration, hour meter and alarm reports are displayed on the CPU screen. 

Main technical datas:

  • Maximal peak flow – 3 to 106 Nm3/h
  • Outlet pressure – 4,5 to 6 / 58 to 87 barg/psi
  • Oxygen concentration – 93%

MODULO2 Compact and mobile Generator (93%)

Plug and play oxygen generator for small healthcare facilities

For healthcare facilities with little or no access to medical oxygen, or for a back-up supply in operation theaters and ICUs, OXYPLUS Technologies has designed ModulO2, the most user-friendly and high perofrming compact oxygen generator, designed to supply a 93% oxygen with a pressure of 3.8 bar.

Key features

  • Plug & Play oxygen generator
  • Compact, mobile and silent
  • 10 to 20l / min flow at 3.8 bar
  • Integrated PSA columns
  • Integrated oxygen analyzer
  • Fully automatic

Main technical datas:

  • Maximal oxygen flow – 10-20 l/min
  • Outlet pressure – 3,8 bar (55 psi)
  • Oxygen concentration – 90-95%